Payment Gateway Stylized for Woocommerce

If you are reading this you must already know Payment Gateway it’s a great Gateway for Woocommerce, but has one problem (actually most of the Gateways has the same problem). The design is terrible and it’s confusing, I don’t get tired of hearing that so many clients has to introduce the information several times in order to make the order get through. Layout

So we made a nice solution, this is the new Stylized plugin for Woocommerce, it’s intuitive, has a nice design and the best is that’s really simple to use.

The plugin helps customers significantly speed up the checkout process by offering an intuitive way to enter their credit cart information through Gateway.

New Layout

// We did this amazing plugin thanks to Ken Keiter code. //

How It Works

When you begin entering your card number, the plugin attempts to match it to an accepted card type. Once it is able to do so, it modifies the layout of the card to match the card product (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and makes any tweaks specific to the issuer — for example, the special layout of the American Express card.

As you enter your information, the plugin modifies the underlying form values from your original, non-enhanced form. It also validates each field to find simple user mistakes and missing fields.

If the card product has fields on both sides of the card (for example, placing the CVC code on the back) the user will be prompted to flip the card to fill in the remaining fields.

The user can compare their card directly with the resulting output on screen, fewer input errors are made, and less time is spent reading the form.

You can take a look of how it works on this demo

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