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Custom FedEx work for Jayson Gibson

«Our client would like to be able to see FedEx rates in 1 easy spot as he edits an order.

For example, he may get an order in which the web-user put in the wrong address because it was a gift. He would change the address and would like to be able to see the updated pricing etc… from the dashboard in 1 spot.

Also, he may need to change the address and the shipping method and he would like to see the new rates in one spot. If he makes both of these changes, he would like to be able to see everything in one spot, so that he can make the necessary adjustments quickly.

Right now, if he makes a change, he has to login into FedEx and enter address, value etc… details and go throw a process before seeing the new rates. Then he can go back to his site with this new information and enter it.

He would like to do it all in one spot.»

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