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  • Print USPS, FedEx, UPS Shipping Labels via WooCommerce
    Wanderlust has made a great job merging all the shipping solutions into one.
    Now you can generate your Shipping Labels from the Backend, set your Box dimensions, and you are ready to get the rates. After that, choose your service and that's all! This plugin allows you to integrate USPS, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post and FedEx Shipping into WooCommerce. For USPS, all accounts receive USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. You will be able to pay for postage with just one click. For UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. You will be able to add your carrier account information in minutes via our website. All billing for packages will continue through your carriers with your negotiated rates. You will be able to print USPS Shipping Labels and postage. FedEx Shipping Labels, UPS Shipping Labels, Canada Post Labels, Australia Post Labels and DHL Shipping labels. Also provides address verification, rates, purchasing, tracking, insurance, and more! Wanderlust Shipping Method its a Wordpress Plugin developed by Wanderlust Web Design. Check Demo Video Check Live Demo
  • Print FedEx Shipping Labels via WooCommerce
    This plugin works with any FedEx Account!!! You can use any country (your fedex account must be from that country) as origin. The plugin helps store owners significantly speed up the shipping process by offering an easy way to print FedEx Shipping Labels, from Woocommerce Backend. FedEx shipping label plugin is a web-based shipping solution with real-time integrations. You need a Fedex Account enabled for (Production) in order to generate the labels.