From an early age I had three passions in life, programming, traveling the world and playing rugby.

At age 19 I founded Data-Inmo, a software program for real estate companies. Shortly after in 2007 I founded Desde Abajo Rugby, a news blog about rugby in Buenos Aires. In that role it was my job to develop the entire website platform and generate the necessary contacts needed to get started. After seeing my success with the blog, that same year I founded Grupo Desde Abajo, an entity of what I had already stated, dedicated to developing websites for other companies.

In 2012 I traveled to Los Angeles, California and co-founded Digital Boutique, a company of digital marketing. Thereafter, in 2013, I traveled to Italy and I start working for 8 ADV a web studio in Salerno. That same year I created Wanderlust Web Design a company for web development and custom php applications.

In just a few short years I have been fortunate enough to found and build several successful companies from the group up, while implementing the necessary knowledge and tactics to make them grow. In my opinion, a lot of what I’ve been able to accomplish is due to my unrelenting will and honest passion for what I do. I love rolling up my sleeves and starting new projects from scratch, and I’ve never been afraid, or have even considered failure as an option. The key is in knowing how to develop and bring to life original ideas and platforms that can yield results.

It has been also been an amazing privilege to have customers from all over the world, as it has given me the opportunity to cross market and establish long lasting professional relationships.

I have extensive experience in PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Photoshop, Illustrator and application development for externals API.

My second true passion is rugby, a contact sport, and a team sport that has taught me a lot about working with big groups of people. Knowing not only how to work well with others, but how to also lead as been an immeasurable benefit in my professional endeavors.

And lastly, I love to travel, work and play rugby in different parts of the world. I have had the experience and the good fortune to do exactly that for a month in Los Angeles, almost two months in Australia, a few weeks in France, and for one year in Italy.

New York – United States

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