WordPress website package: $4,500

Built on the widely popular and user friendly WordPress Content Management System, your website is built completely custom for your business.  We professionally design and develop your own personal theme from the ground up to seamlessly match your new or existing brand.  All websites are fixed width and mobile friendly.

Responsive sites for mobile devices are available as an add-on feature. Our WordPress website package includes the following: 

• Clean, easy to navigate, easy to manage, stylish WordPress theme consistent with your brand + built just for you.
• Initial design mockup of homepage and one interior page layout for approval by client.  Two rounds of revisions to mockups included in package price.  Any additional revisions will be billed at our hourly rate.
• Home page design and up to 6 interior styled and formatted pages (banners, buttons, etc) by Wanderlust Webdesign prior to launch (please see “additional content and pages” in formation in the “website add-ons” section below)
• All sites are built on a test server and then uploaded as a theme to your self-hosted WordPress website.
• Option for rotating homepage slider emphasizing key calls to action, as well as stylized buttons, news feed, calls to action, etc on home page.
• Image portfolio feature (please see additional portfolio information in “website add-ons” section below)
• Custom social media icons and links
• Initial content input for launch of site (home page and 6 interior pages)
• Installation of Google Analytics (client must provide working gmail address)
• Custom styled interactive standard blog/news feed easily usable for client posting and updating + custom designed sidebar for your blog
• Clean easy to use, consistent navigation
• Custom designed coming soon page on your domain (if needed)
• One half hour tutorial session on the WordPress Content Management System to show you how to use your site. Additional time may be purchased by
client if needed.

website add-ons

ADDITIONAL PAGES AND CONTENT: Need more pages for content? You got it! I am happy to add in and style as many pages as you need for an additional hourly rate of $75 per hour. This may include additional team member profile pages, praise/testimonials page, stylized press page, gallery pages, portfolio pieces, faqs, etc.

CUSTOM PORTFOLIO BUILDOUT AND BACKEND MANAGEMENT FEATURES {starting at $600}: Are you looking for something more than a simple image
portfolio or gallery to show off your work? Do you want to be able to customize how your images and details are displayed and develop an easy way to manage each entry on the backend of your site? I am happy to work with you to develop a more customized approach to your portfolio that will work seamlessly within your site and be just as awesome to manage on the backend. Please contact me if you think this add-on is for you and I will provide you with a custom quote that fits your individual needs.

ADVANCED BLOG FEATURES (starting at $1,000}: We can add additional features to your already styled blog such as a separate look from your full site, designed header, featured post slider on post feed, customized featured image for post excerpts, custom comment section, related articles, custom widgets, etc.

FORMER BLOG POST TRANSFER {$200}: You can purchase this option to transfer your old blog content over (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc) to the new blog feed. NOTE: some formatting issues may arise when transferring blogs over from old sites.

BRAND REFRESH AND STYLE ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUR WEBSITE {$600}: (note: this add-on is only available to clients purchasing a website package)This add-on is great for clients that found me after they had already established a strong logo, but need some help building a full brand and overall style to carry through their website moving forward. This package includes your logo or a slight refresh of your logo {if you need some adjustments to bring it up to date with fonts, colors, etc}, a secondary logo or sub mark development for your brand, colors palette, font suggestions, patterns, and elements for your website design. This is not a full logo design, just a refresh of your current look for clients that did not purchase the Wanderlust Webdesign Logo or full Branding Package. If you would like a complete branding makeover, I would love to help! Please see the details of the Wanderlust Webdesign Logo and Branding Packages listed on the first page of this price sheet.

DESIGN TEMPLATES: Some pages are custom designed using templates (.psd or .ai). These templates are available for purchase if you have access to these programs and want to make any changes in the future on your own. Please ask for a custom quote for these templates.
STANDARD RESPONSIVE SITE PACKAGE ($800): For this option, we will take your new site design and edit it down to be responsive to ipad and iphone mobile devices. It will have the same look and feel of your new site, only resized to meet the needs of mobile device users for easier mobile navigation.

QUESTIONNAIRES | ETC: If you are interested in adding on any of these additional features to your site, we can make that happen! Please contact me for more detailed pricing information and a custom quote.

important website information & client responsibilities

DOMAIN NAMES, HOSTING SERVICES & EMAIL SETUP: Your domain name as well as hosting and email services must be purchased by you, the client. Wanderlust Webdesign is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site.  We recommend that you use or network solutions for your domain purchase and hosting services. This contract does not include future WordPress CMS or framework update and compatibility issues for your site.  After the launch of the site, all additional work will be quoted and billed at our hourly rate {currently $75 per hour and may be subject to change}.  Client must provide Wanderlust Webdesign with FTP access to their server & hosting services.
You will have the opportunity to purchase a wordpress website maintenance plan for $50 through my development partners and more information can be presented to you if you are interested. This plan is highly recommended for the security and function of your new website moving forward.

SITE CONTENT: Please provide all pages titles and site content prior to site design. This will help us design the site specific to your needs from the start and will streamline the design and development process. All content will be uploaded by you to our shared dropbox folder. In that folder, you will provide individual page content, images, passwords, etc. You are responsible for providing all images in proper format, size and quality for your website. Any delays to the submission of this information will cause your project to be delayed and, in some cases, may result in additional charges.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: All sites are built on a test server and then uploaded as a theme to your self-hosted WordPress website.  Once you provide your
approval on the design of your site and we go to the development phase, all future changes to the structure and overall look of the site will be billed separately.  If you have any questions regarding this phase please be sure to contact me.

ENJOY IT: Launching a new site can be a lot of work but our goal is to make it a fun and exciting process with the most awesome end result in mind. Start getting pumped about your new home on the web!


Please see my process guide page to review my branding process so you know exactly what to expect.


Please see my process guide page for this information on this topic.


Please keep in mind that all deposits are nonrefundable as it is our way of securing your spot in our queue. I often book my projects several months ahead of time and scheduling is the key to making sure I give all of my clients the proper amount of time their project deserves. With that, I often turn away clients for your reserved time slot. Therefore, if you back out it may leave an empty spot that could have been given to another project. Our nonrefundable deposit is our way of securing payment and making sure our clients are serious about moving forward with their project.


I graciously accept Paypal payments or Bank Deposits. Most branding-only project payments are due in two parts, the first half payment is due upon booking and to hold your spot in the queue. The second half of the project payment is delivered at project completion, before any final files are delivered. I offer extended payment plans for full branding projects (brand + print + website) with 4 total milestone payments due across the span of our project together to make the investment work for your business. All milestone payment due dates will be detailed in your proposal.


No, the desired domain name and hosting services must be purchased by the client. There are several hosting services that provide excellent customer service. If you are looking for a reliable and cost efficient hosting service, I recommend that you use or for your domain purchase and hosting services {their customer service is pretty fabulous in my experience}. With that said, Wanderlust Webdesign is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site. The Wanderlust Webdesign’s website package does not include future WordPress CMS update compatibility issues for your site. After the launch of the site, all additional work will be quoted and billed at our hourly rate. Client must provide Wanderlust Webdesign with FTP access to their server.


Yes. In an effort to respect your time as well as my family’s time, I have established working office hours. You can call me Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST and email me anytime. I typically respond to emails and calls anywhere from 24 hours to 48 business hours after receipt. I do my best to respond as promptly as possible and response time usually depends on my work load at that time. I do prefer to schedule all calls, Skype, and Google Hangout sessions in advance so that I may plan to be available and allot the proper amount of time for our conversation.

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